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Shortage. Burnout. Retention. High turn-over. Words that seem to be synonymous with nursing. Let's be honest, nurses are tired and fed up. They've had enough. 

  • Low motivation
  • Stress
  • Poor leadership & management
  • Burn-out

Amongst other things, these are contributing factors to the nursing shortage. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the need for an additional 203,700 new RNs each year through 2026!  Is your organization prepared? Our Nurse Consultants are here to assist  you!

eNurse Consulting is a consultant firm serving clients in the healthcare industry, empowering them to empower their nursing staff. Founded by nurses, seeking change within the nursing industry, we are a team of nurses who have real-world experience leading the organizations that we serve. We believe in a team-based development approach; therefore, we deploy certified nurse coaches and experienced nurses, as consultants, to our clients to ensure their needs (and those of their nurses) are met, holistically. Our unique interpersonal, team-led model gives our clients the opportunity to partner with consultants who specialize or are certified in their field. This promotes a culture of continuous improvement and change. 

Meet our Team

Kayla Wilkerson, RN:

Kayla is a registered nurse with experience working with multidisciplinary team approaches to client care in rural settings. As the co-founder of eNurse Consulting, Wilkerson is dedicated to a collaborative network of interdisciplinary research team members including nurse coaches, nurse consultants, managers, educators, and other innovative thought leaders within the health care industry. 

Kayla is currently working with team members pursuing research and developing workshops to promote the implementation of trauma-informed care and integrative healing practices across health care disciplines.

Portia Wofford LPN, NHIP:

Portia Wofford is an experienced nurse, published writer, and nano-influencer. As an intrapreneur, Wofford discovered she had a talent for solving problems, for other nurses. Often developing programs and innovative solutions for employers--on retention and tools for nurses that positively affected patient outcomes--Portia, along with Kayla Wilkerson, co-founded eNurse Consulting.

Formerly a staff development coordinator and quality improvement nurse, these days she supports health care entrepreneurs and organizations to create engaging, results-driven content and content strategies. Writing for popular publications such as Nurse.Org, Portia has become a sought out health care writer, known for her interesting and diverse network.

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