Interpersonal Health

Interpersonal health is the degree to which health and wellness are intricately interconnected and interdependent upon biological, psychological, social, economic, and environmental factors. 

These factors are commonly referred to as “Social Determinants of Health” in health care literature. With our evolving healthcare system, it is becoming increasingly important for this knowledge to be integrated into everyday practice and policies for healthcare providers and organizations.

By exploring patterns and experiences in relationships, and identifying and understanding problem areas, an individual can determine ways to resolve the difficulties causing them interpersonal distress. 

An emphasis on building relationships and improving communication can help people to better understand how they are seen, how they impact others, increase trust in relationships, improve autonomy and self-confidence, and create the foundation for a more positive and balanced state of health in mind, body, and spirit. 

As with any human skill, interpersonal skills can be improved with the right tools and education.

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